“It’s great! One day I’ll be working on a full-sized replica of the actor from the TV show Dexter for FOX, then I’ll be doing a wedding cake for a couple who run an S&M business, and the next I’ll be asked to make chocolates for a function at the Morbid Anatomy Museum in NYC”

When around one of Annabel’s creations it’s common to hear, “That’s EDIBLE?!” And you hear it a lot. But eat it they do – to the last bite.

• Online features include Vice, Huffington Post, Movies.Com, Cracked, Boing Boing, Neatorama, Archie McPhee.

• Press includes The Guardian, Metro, Daily Mail, TaxiMag, and Time Out.

• Featured in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not annual 2014 ‘Dare To Look’ and, ‘The Mammoth Book of Skulls’ by Ilya.

• Television appearances include a special horror cake feature on ‘Galileo’ (Pro 7 – Germany), ‘Four Rooms’ (Channel 4 - UK), Jimmy Kimmel (ABC – USA), NBC's E News segment ‘A Touch Of Strange’, ‘This Morning’ (ITV – UK) and Dubai television

and much more...

About Annabel de Vetten (aka Annabel Lecter)

The culinary wizard of the Conjurer's Kitchen.

Born with a twisted spoon in her mouth, Annabel de Vetten entered the world wanting to create.

Formerly trained as a sculptor, a taxidermist, and having made a full time living as a successful fine art painter for many years, you’d never guess that the next field of endeavour would be food art. But that’s where you’d be wrong.

Upon her marriage -- to a magician, no less -- Annabel finally had the chance to break out of her comfort zone by creating an edible creation -- her own magic-themed wedding cake.

Since then, her kitchen has been in a constant state of cyclonic activity. Cakes, edible cinema creations for interactive film screenings, chocolates, amuse bouche, liquor infused popcorn. You name it. If you can eat it, she can warp it into some form you've never dreamed of.

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