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About Annabel de Vetten (aka Annabel Lecter)

The culinary wizard of the Conjurer's Kitchen.

1-Conjurers Kitchen_by_Sharon_Cooper.jpg

Stranger than fiction, Conjurer’s Kitchen was born when artist Annabel de Vetten married a magician. Her creation, their magic-themed wedding cake, was a show-stopper and the orders started to pour in. Since then, Annabel has turned her hand to all kinds of weird and wonderful projects. Each delicious design is ready to transport you to a realm of your dreams or nightmares, at first bite. 

An established artist with a background in sculpture, taxidermy, and fine art; Annabel finds inspiration in all kinds of curious places, from her love of true crime through to 1960s wallpaper. Animals, anatomy, and the natural world regularly feature in her creations. She loves to explore, one particular series of cakes was influenced by a weekend exploring the cemeteries and crypts of Vienna. Her work always captures a kind of decadent oddity that has become the signature of Conjurer’s Kitchen. 

Annabel always encourages her clients to push the boundaries with whatever their inner heart (however black) desires. She loves to create for all kinds of public events, private parties, and festivals. This is evident from her extensive portfolio of works, including bread Terracotta Warriors for Pizza Express, a life-size Dexter in cake for Fox, inspired cakes for the Good Funeral Awards and the American Gods DVD release, a giant bacon cake for Uber Eats, a food powered electric cake for Tech Nation, and hosting a two-day event at a St Bartholomew's Pathology Museum in London, with a team of bakers and medical experts. The event was attended by 700 visitors.

Conjurer’s Kitchen also regularly hosts Movie TasteAlongs, the cinematic experience with a difference. During the film screening tasty morsels are provided to each guest, sometimes lovingly packaged in a gift box, sometimes served as if it were a lavish banquet. The edible treats are always imaginative interpretations of iconic film scenes, so the audience can always expect the unexpected.   

In March 2020, Annabel and Conjurer's Kitchen packed their bags and relocated from the UK to Los Angeles, California.


  • Online features include Huffington Post, Movies.Com, Cracked, Boing Boing, Neatorama, Archie McPhee, Bored Panda, Mashable, etc

  • Press includes The Guardian, Metro, Daily Mail, Express and Star, and Time Out.

  • Book features include in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not annual 2014 and 2016, ‘The Mammoth Book of Skulls’, and The Anatomical Tattoo.

  • Television appearances include a special horror cake feature on ‘Galileo’ (Pro 7 – Germany), ‘Four Rooms’ (Channel 4 - UK), Jimmy Kimmel (ABC – USA), NBC's E News segment ‘A Touch Of Strange’, ‘This Morning’ (ITV – UK) and Dubai television.

  • 2 appearances on "The Wonderful World of Chocolate", TV documentary, Channel 5, (UK) S01&S02

  • And much more

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